Springvale Fishery


Springvale Fishing Lakes

Springvale Fishing Lakes
Springvale Farm
Springvale Road

NG22 0BT


Could we politely ask you to follow the Rules & procedures below to protect the well being of the fish and the Lakes and enable us to create a safe venue.

No boilies
No floating bait
No blood worm or Joker’s
No variety of Meat/Hemp/Nuts
Springvale Fishing Lakes feed pellets only to be used
Ground bait to be applied with a cup or feeder
Only in-line feeders to be used and free running
Barbless hooks only (maximum size 12)
Maximum pole length - 14.5 Metres
Landing nets to be used on all Fish
Only one rod per person
No Braid (even as wind beater on the pole)
No artificial baits
no seafood (i.e. prawns & mussells)
Maximum of 2KG of groundbait per session
Maximum of 4 tins of sweetcorn per session
No floating pole
No Jigga floats
Floats must be used at all times when fishing with a pole
Minimum of 12 inches of line between pole tip & float
Minimum 4 inch hook length
Please note that bait & hook checks will be carried out daily
Please could all anglers have their current Environment Agency fishing rod Licence available
Please take all litter and unused bait home
No wading or swimming
All Fish must be returned to the Lake 
No gardening
Please do not drive on the grass
Please do not bring any dogs onto the site
Please use toilet facilities provided.

Springvale Fishing Lakes will provide nets for each person fishing (please keep silver fish in a separate net from the carp).

Please could we ask that no more than 50lb of Fish is kept in each keep net at any one time on match days
Radios to be used with consideration to other anglers, please keep on a low volume.
Alcohol to be consumed in a sensible and responsible manner
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Springvale Fishing Lakes takes no responsibility for any person’s or their tackle when using these premises and vehicles are left in the car parking areas at your own risk. And the management reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if they are intentionally violating the rules and procedures.