Short Heath Fishery


Shortheath Water

Shortheath Road

DE12 6BW


Fishing RulesFishing:

Rules - Our rules and regulations are designed for everyone’s benefit. Anyone found to be in contravention of the rules shall be asked to leave and may be banned indefinitely. If you have any queries about our fishing rules and regulations we will be happy to clarify these for you. Please contact us via our contact form.

No Night Fishing - Fishing is strictly within the times stated by Shortheath Water. Find out about our opening times.
No Cycles or Dogs - No cycles or dogs allowed around the lake to prevent the risk of damage to expensive fishing tackle.
Hooks and Line - Barbless hooks only, no braided lines allowed. The management reserves the right to inspect periodically.
Children - Children under 16 must not fish unaccompanied. One adult (over 18) to be in attendance per 2 children. All children must be kept under control at their pegs.
Visitors - Please consider others and restrict the number of people at your peg. This is not a picnic site.
No Surface Fishing - Minimum fishing depth of 2ft to reduce the risk of damage to the fish.
ParkingPegs 1, 2 and 3 have adjacent disabled parking. If you are able to walk to other pegs, you may unload/load by the lake, but please return your car to the car park. A disabled peg may be used by an able bodied angler, but must be vacated should a disabled angler need it (if other pegs are available).
Bait -The use of bread, ground bait (including feeder), biscuits, boilies, jokers, peanuts, beans, chickpeas, tiger nuts, hemp and seed baits, trout pellets and bloodworm are strictly prohibited. Please do not use any floating baits.
Keep Nets - Only micromesh keep nets allowed and any fish over 2lbs are to be returned to the water immediately. No fish to be kept in keep nets longer than 6 hours. All fish are to be returned to the water.
Tinned Bait - All tinned meats to be washed at home and brought in bait boxes. Do not throw unused bait into the lake.
Dip All NetsTo avoid unnecessary transfer of disease, all nets must be dipped and rinsed before fishing these waters.
Day Tickets - Day tickets may be purchased at the peg or from the bailiff. They are not transferable.
Rods - Only one rod per angler to be used at any one time. No rods/poles to be left in the water unattended. Please make sure that a rod licence is available from The Environmental Agency.
Other Points - It is an offence to remove fish or transfer them between waters without approval of the Water Authority. Any person caught stealing fish will be prosecuted. Please report any sighting of sick or diseased fish to the management. Shortheath Water will accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by anyone visiting these waters.

Match Rules

Matches are to be booked in advance and must be no longer than 6 hours & finish no later than 2pm (pegs cleared by approx 2.30pm). The amount of pegs booked will be the amount charged, unless we are notified of the change. Matches of 20 pegs or more will be charged for the full lake with a 2 peg discount. Please could all matches use “2 KEEPNETS” silverfish and carp. Match vehicles may unload by the lake and then all cars are to be parked on the main car park unless disabled pegs are requested in the match (pegs 1, 2, & 3) We do a breakfast sandwich/drinks run around 9am or early pre-match breakfasts may be booked in advance for 12 or more.