Ex Servicemen’s AC
Committee meeting 2-11-2019 Minutes

Mr D Tizzard - Chairman
Mr R Sanderson - Match Secretary
Mr K Lowe - Treasurer

1. Proposed by Bob, seconded by Albert to open meeting and previous minutes accepted

2. 4 new members requested to join the club, proposed and accepted

3. Match secretary's fixtures for 2020 passed

4. Proposed and passed to fish Shearsby Valley Lakes (CJ's)

5. Dazz Richmond has volunteered to collect pools on match days

6. Wilko has agreed to collect social club subs at AGM

7. There will be a discussion at the AGM about guess the weight

8. Adam has proposed about members missing matches and possible points loss

9. New club photo to be discussed at next AGM

10. Presentation night to be up for discussion at the next meeting

11. Treasurer's report, £888.83 in the bank

12. Bob has proposed that a new match secretary take the club forward

13. 11.00am on 2nd Feb 2020

14. Meeting closed at 12.55pm AGM

15. Attendance 15.