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Clothing Water Proofer



NIKWAX is a spray-on wax treatment to refresh wet-weather clothing. It is available from The Range at £6.99 and from Go Outdoors at £7.64, if you are a member. This is highly recommended by 2 members who find it performs brilliantly.

Ex Servicemen’s AC
Committee meeting 2-11-2019 Minutes

Mr D Tizzard - Chairman
Mr R Sanderson - Match Secretary
Mr K Lowe - Treasurer

1. Proposed by Bob, seconded by Albert to open meeting and previous minutes accepted

2. 4 new members requested to join the club, proposed and accepted

3. Match secretary's fixtures for 2020 passed

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Are you a Match Angler?

Are you a keen angler who might like to try his or her hand at fishing matches? Arnold Ex Servicemen's Angling Club have a few vacancies for budding anglers.

At Arnold Ex Servicemen's, it's more than a bit of fishing. It's a social outing with an interesting and diverse bunch of idiots ... sorry, fine people. We cater for all levels of ability from novice to aging lothario and beyond. 

Membership is very reasonable and match outings are, quite simply, a great and inexpensive day out.(That's not quite right. It can be cheap or expensive. It's up to you).

If you think you might be interested, contact us via the form on the Contact page, including your phone number and when it's best to talk to you.

End of Season Meeting



Mr D Tizzard - Chairman
Mr R Sanderson - Match Secretary
Mr K Lowe - Treasurer

1. Meeting opend, Proposed By Albert [P Harrison], Seconded by Wilko [Ian W]

2. Previous minutes read and passed

3. Fixture list for season 2019 handed out

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Longford Matches Booked.

We are happy to tell you that we have managed to book the following matches, to replace those unexpected cancellations at Westwood and Moira.

Mammerton 7th July whole lake
Carr Wood 28th July whole lake

Mammerton is a new matchlake which has recently been stocked with lots of various fish.

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